Open Auditions


LVLT is accepting video auditions for "Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare. 


This will be an online only production.  Filming will be in early March with streaming performances in Late March. 

Script Adapted by Jacob Moore

All roles are available. The show will be set in modern day with the roles of Caesar and Mark Antony played by women. 


Julius Caesar (late 30's - 50s) - Female

Brutus (late 30's - 50's ) Male 

Cassius (late 30's - 50's) Male 

Mark Antony (20 - 30's) Female

Cinna (20-50) Male or Female

Portia - (late 30's - 50's) Female

Calpurnia - (Late 30's - 50's) Female

Soothsayer (20-50's) - Male or female

Casca (20-50's) Male or Female

Lepidus (20-50's) Male or Female

Octavius (20-50's) - Female

Metellus Cimber (20-50) Male or Female


Ensemble of several smaller roles 

Please submit a video of a Shakespearian monologue of your choosing that is between 1 - 2 minutes in length via the link to the Google form below by selecting the "Submit Now" button. 

Audition videos will be accepted from Feb 7 - Feb 14 at 7pm pacific time. 

Rehearsals begin the week of Feb 15th. 


LVLT is a volunteer organization and there is no pay for this production.