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Alchemy Arts Academy & LVLT Present:
The Land Southward
by Darcy Hogan
Live performances:
Friday, June 28 & July 5@ 7pm
Saturday, June 29 & July 6 @ 2pm
Saturday, June 29 & July 6 @ 7pm and
Sunday, June 30 & July 7 @ 2pm

The Land Southward, written by Darcy Hogan, is a full length, non-linear play that dives into the above ground nuclear testing conducted by the United States' government in the 1950s as well as the people who suffered for decades afterwards due to the effects of the fallout. A young writer named Liz travels to Southern Utah to try and understand the "downwinders," those who lived downwind of the fallout, and what happened to them. As Liz hears the stories of a woman named May who lived through these events and lost everyone she loves, she learns that the government intentionally conducted nuclear tests on the days when the wind blew towards Southern Utah, towards those with the religious beliefs that would keep them compliant and quiet. 


The Land Southward was awarded the Best New Play of 2005 by the Orange County Weekly. 

“A near-perfect work. Keen insight, intellectual depth, sly humor, and Undeniable Truth…all of it works beautifully. A play that sticks with you long after your car has pulled out of the theater parking lot. A play that could be – should be – a classic.” – Rich Kane, OC Weekly

General Admission tickets $20 Adults, $10 Students under 18.


Liz                                                                       Bailey Weimer

May                                                          Samantha Wampole

The Man                                                           Freddy Dobney

Joe                                                                   Mo Lima Truong

Maggie                                                              Margot Beattie

The Girl                                             Ione Shimada Losander

The Boy                                                                         Ella Chu

Production Team

Director                                                              Hannah Hines

Assistant Director                                              Dylan Beattie

Technical Director                                                     Joel Ruud


Stage Manager                                                 Evelyn Nichols

Assistant Stage Manager                                  Liv Anderson

Deck Manager                                                Emory DeCania

Lighting Designer                                               Dylan Beattie

Lighting Crew                                                  Freddy Dobney

Set Designer                                                        Liv Anderson

Set Crew                                   Emory DeCania and Ella Chu

Projections Designer                                      Freddy Dobney

Sound Designer                                               Margot Beattie

Sound Crew                                            Phoenix Huntsberry

Costume Designer                                           Olivia Almaoui

Costume Crew                                                     Ava Almaoui

Props Master                                                        Paxton Wulf

Props Team                                                         Lola DeCania

Hair/Makeup       Bailey Weimer and Samantha Wampole 

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