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(Abridged) Lives of the Saints 
by David Ives
Part of the 2023 Vegas Fringe Festival
Presented by LVLT

Hysterical playwright David Ives wittingly winds three tales, starting in Biblical times with BABEL’S IN ARMS where two men struggle with their task of building the Tower of Babel, then moving to present day Chicago with LIVES OF THE SAINTS where two women struggle with their task of constructing their friend’s husband’s funeral breakfast, and finishing the night with a British inspector struggling to find the murderer amongst three dinner guests in THE MYSTERY OF TWICKNAM VICARAGE.

Show Times:

  • 06/09 @ 8:15pm

  • 06/10 @ 1:30pm

  • 06/17 @ 7:45pm

  • 06/18 @ 7:30pm

Run Time: 60 minutes


Babel's in Arms (in order of appearance)

Gorph - T.J. Larsen

Cannaphlit - Drew Yonemori

Businesswoman - Cathy Ostertag


Lives of the Saints (in order of appearance)

Edna - Sara Taylor

Flo - Cathy Ostertag

Stagehand - Drew Yonemori

Stagehand - T.J. Larsen

Stagehand - Jacob Moore


The Mystery at Twicknam Vicarage (in order of appearance)

Sarah - Sara Taylor

Inspector - Drew Yonemori

Roger - T.J. Larsen

Mona - Cathy Ostertag

Jeremy - Jacob Moore

Production Staff

Director: Jacob Moore

Director: Ricky Gray Jr.

Lighting Designer: Ginny Adams

Stage Manager:  Sheena Peppler

Dialect Coach: Diane King

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