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The winners of the Best of Fringe encore for the ninth annual Vegas Fringe Festival are

VESIproductions' "toño" and

Kijosa Productions' "The Baritones of Love"!

Encore Dates

Friday June 21 & Saturday June 22 at 8PM in the Fischer Black Box


$15 General Admission

Both shows will perform in one evening with a 10 minute intermission between shows. Admission is for both shows. Seating is very limited, advanced ticket purchase is recommended.   


Las Vegas Little Theatre is thrilled to present the tenth annual Vegas Fringe Festival, to be held June 7 - 16, 2019. The two weekend Festival of Live Theatre will feature an exciting buffet of new and established plays and performances of no more than ninety minutes each, performed multiple times throughout the festival.


The festival will be held at the Las Vegas Little Theatre’s facility at 3920 Schiff Drive near the corner of Spring Mountain and Valley View with performances in both the Mainstage and Black Box Theatres.

Ticketing Information

Single Ticket - $12

Festival Pass to all 9 shows - $90

All seating is general admission.

Fringe Festival Passes are available in the box office.


3 GUYS PRODUCTIONS, LLC presents  (LVLT Black Box)

Hughie by Eugene O'Neill

Hughie is a short two-character play by Eugene O’Neill set in the lobby of a small hotel on a West Side street in midtown New York during the summer of 1928. Small-time hustler named Erie Smith talks and laments to the hotel’s new night clerk Charlie Hughes, how Smith’s luck has gone bad since the death of Hughie, Hughes' predecessor.

Show Times:

  • 06/08 8:45-9:45p   

  • 06/09 2:00-3:00p   

  • 06/13 8:15-9:15p  

  • 06/15 6:00-7:00p

  • 06/16 4:00-5:00p

Hanging in There.jpg

KFT PRODUCTIONS presents (LVLT Mainstage)

Hanging In There by Kate Labahn

A peasant couple, Lily and Xavier, make a Faustian deal with their herbalist-sorceress neighbor Madame Astrid to have a family.  Rapunzel has grown up in a tower, with only her mother, Madame Astrid, and her talking flying bestie, Birch-Willow, for company. Life becomes more exciting than a storybook adventure, when Prince Garrett and his bestie, Rathin, stumble upon the tower. This is a fresh, funny, twist on the classic Brothers Grimm tale.

Show Times: 

  • 06/08 7:15-8:45p

  • 06/09 2:30-4:00p

  • 06/13 7:00-8:30p

  • 06/15 7:45-9:15p

  • 06/16 1:45-3:15p

Baritones of Love.jpg

KIJOSA PRODUCTIONS presents (LVLT Mainstage)

The Baritones of Love by Enoch Augustus Scott and Dr. Mark Wherry

In a World where Tenors dominate the vocal landscape, four brave Baritones struggle against that tyranny and fight to claim their own piece of the lyrical pie. With just a tube of greasepaint, a deep resonant tone, and a dream, these men sing and dance their way into your hearts and, if they have any say in it, a show in Branson. Starring some of the Las Vegas Strips’ Best Baritones and featuring six original songs and classic Baritone standards from Frank Sinatra to Josh Grobin, Baritones of Love is the perfect tonic to a world of too many Tenors.

Show Times:

  • 06/08 3:30-6:45p

  • 06/09 4:30-5:45p

  • 06/14 10:00-11:15p

  • 06/15 2:30-3:45p

  • 06/16 5:15-6:30p

House of Yes.png


The House of Yes by Wendy MacLeod

The House of Yes is a twisted tale of love, obsession, incest, murder, and complicity. 5 characters trapped together by a storm and their own pasts and secrets. When Jackie-O’s twin brother Marty brings home a girlfriend, the sh** hits the pillbox hat. This “Jacobean Suburban Play looks at what happens when public traumatic events cross public lives, and provides a unique look at forbidden love, desire, and emotion.

Show Times:

  • 06/07 7:00-8:30p

  • 06/08 5:30-7:00p

  • 06/09 6:15-7:45p

  • 06/15 5:45-7:15p

  • 06/16 7:00-8:30p

Eagle River.jpg


Eagle River by Matt Martello

Harry Bickman, an elderly man facing his final days, is saddened by the constant feuding that has occurred within the family.  With the help of a representative, he posthumously invites his nephews Ken and Tommy to the family cabin in Eagle River, Wisconsin.  He claims that there is a metal box which not only contains his will, but a large sum of money as well. Ken and Tommy have not spoken to each other for a few years at this point.  It has been that much longer since they have been face to face. They reluctantly bring their families to the cabin for the reunion.

Show Times:

  • 06/07 8:45-10:15p

  • 06/08 4:00-5:30p

  • 06/14 7:30-9:00p

  • 06/15 4:00-5:30p

  • 06/16 5:30-7:00p

23 & We.png


23 and We by Destiny Faith, Adriane McLean, Theresa Deveaux, Sabrina Cofield, Adia Bell 

Everyone is curious about their lineage.  And with the explosion of DNA tests on the market: from “” to “Helix Geno 2.0” to “23 and Me”, it seems like learning more about your heritage is as easy as ordering Uber Eats.  But what happens when you go looking for your past but find your future? Join us at Rocko’s Karaoke Bar for this fun, immersive journey as we connect three strangers and reveal two sisters who are proof that we are more alike than we are different.  

Show Times:

  • 06/08 6:00-6:45p

  • 06/09 7:00-7:45p

  • 06/13 9:30-10:15p

  • 06/15 9:00-9:45p

  • 06/16 1:15-2:00p

Speeding Theater Logo.png


House of Tomorrow by Susan Shear 

House of Tomorrow weaves together humorous yet poignant stories about seniors taking strength from their yesterdays, pursuing the passions of their tomorrows, opening the doors and windows of their lives (AKA their “Houses”) to remodeling, while keeping their dreams big and their hopes high!

Show Times

  • 06/08 7:15-8:15p

  • 06/09 5:30-6:30p

  • 06/13 6:45-7:45p

  • 06/15 7:30-8:30p

  • 06/16 2:30-3:30p

Thujones Theatre Tribe.jpg


A Night of Jones by B. Oliver Jones

Seven short plays written by Las Vegas native B. Oliver Jones. The plays range wildly with imagination dissorders, smart spoons, a sex robot, a jello mold bomb, post-apocalyptic coffee, a movement piece about death, and getting into a polyamorous relationship. Each piece is directed by a different cast member creating an ensemble production.

Show Times:

  • 06/07 6:45-8:15p

  • 06/09 3:30-5:00p

  • 06/14 9:30-11:00p

  • 06/15 2:00-3:30p

  • 06/16 7:30-9:00p


VESIproductions presents (LVLT Mainstage)

toño by Jose Anthony 

Step into the mind of a man named toño as he experiences a still moment in time and reflects on a series of major events in his life, including child abuse, gangs and murder.

*Parental discretion advised. Due to explicit language may not be suitable for children under 13 years of age.

Show Times:

  • 06/07 9:00-10:00p

  • 06/13 9:00-10:00p

  • 06/14 8:30-9:30p

  • 06/15 4:15-5:15p

  • 06/16 3:45-4:45p

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