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The Spitfire Grill
Music and book by James Valcq
Lyrics and book by Rachel Sheinkin
Based on the film by Lee David Zlotoff
March 6 - 22, 2020
**March 19 - 22 have been cancelled.

A feisty parolee (Percy) follows her dreams, based on a page from an old travel book, to a small (fictional) town in Wisconsin that one of its inhabitants calls a place for leaving, not for coming to.  Percy finds a place for herself working at Hannah's Spitfire Grill. It is for sale but there are no takers for the only eatery in the depressed town, so Percy suggests to Hannah that she raffle it off. Soon entries arrive by the wheelbarrow full and both the town and Percy begin to awaken.

Performance Dates


Percy Talbott                                                    Maddie Butera

Hannah Ferguson                                                Gail Romero

Shelby Thorpe                                                    Mikey Phillips

Sheriff Joe Sutter                                  Keaton Delmar Johns

Caleb Thorpe                                               Michael Kaczurak

Effy Krayneck                                                   Melissa Riezler

The Visitor                                                                Jake Taylor

Production Staff

Director                                                                 April Sauline

Music Director                                                     Susan Easter

Assistant Director                                               Amy Dawson

Stage Manager                                               Cindy Lee Stock

Assistant Stage Manager                         Chris Von Uebbing

Set Design                                                          Ron Lindblom

Lighting Design                                                  Ginny Adams

Sound Design                                                     Lisa Tollefson

Assistant Sound Design                                        Mike Olson

Props Design                                                    Bette Kennedy

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