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DreamWeavers LA Presents:
by Leonard Nimoy
Live performances:
Friday, April 7 & 14 @ 8pm
Saturday, April 8 & 15 @ 2pm
Sunday, April 9 & 16 @ 2pm

This one-man play, written by Emmy nominated actor Leonard Nimoy, explores the little known side to Vincent van Gogh. The world-renowned artist only grew to his fame after his death in 1890. Much of his personal life was left misunderstood as he was seen by the masses as an obscure kind of genius. For many years, we wrote letters back and forth with his brother, Theo, revealing the struggles and thoughts behind some of his most famous works. The play takes place after Vincent’s death as Theo recollects these letters and speaks about him to a gathering of peers. In this intimate production, we are transported to this gathering as if we are hearing about Vincent in an all-new light for the very first time.

Vincent will provide a multimedia experience by beautifully displaying Van Gogh’s works on stage through projection as Theo talks about them, allowing you to view these paintings and drawings while listening to their fascinating backstories. This production is bound to peak your curiosity about one of the world’s most renowned artists and offer a brand new perspective on his works.

Directed by Jeanne Dunphy
Vincent/Theo Van Gough performed by Michael Sullivan
Technical Production:  Marion DeSio
Lighting Design:  Ginny Adams
Technical Assistant:  Coren Zai
Graphic Design:  David Townley

All Seats $30. LVLT Subscriber Tickets $25.

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