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Open Auditions

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LVLT announces open auditions for “Darling Mr. London”

by Anthony Marriott and Bob Grant

Directed by David Ament

Disclaimer: LVLT does NOT pay - We are an entirely volunteer organization!


Audition Dates: In-person auditions will take place on Monday, November 13 & Tuesday, November 14 at 7pm.
Rehearsals will begin right away with performances January 19 – February 4, 2024.

Location: Las Vegas Little Theatre 3920 Schiff Dr. Las Vegas, NV, 89103

Performance Dates: Jan 19 – Feb 4, 2024 with performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm, and one Saturday Matinee on January 27 at 2pm.

Show Description: Edward, a mild person, is about to experience an evening he will never forget. He works at the Continental Telephone Exchange where his pompous brother-in-law is his supervisor. Edward often "chats up" women operators in various exchanges. These affairs by proxy suddenly explode in his face when four glamorous females travel to London to compete in the Miss Europhone Contest and arrive at this home anxious to meet the flirtatious Mr. London in the flesh. Hilarious complications ensue as Edward strives to conceal his telephonic peccadilloes.

All roles are available.

Edward Hawkins (30s-40s) – An international telephone operator, he is a neat, diffident, insignificant man in real life, but the female operators know him over the phone as the flirtatious and passionate Mr. London. British accent. Some physical comedy is required.

Rose Hawkins (30s-40s) – Edward's wife, she is a pretty woman, neat, lovable and very house-proud. Practical and kind, she's not as clueless as the men in her life think she is. British accent.

Gordon Routledge (40s-50s) – Rose's brother and Edward's supervisor at the telephone company. He is pompous, self-important, and likes a drink. British accent.

Mark Thompson (20s-30s) – A young curate renting a room from Edward and Rose. A good heart, if a bit naive and gullible. British accent. Some physical comedy required.

Mrs. Routledge (50s-60s) – Rose and Gordon's mother, she is a formidable woman, narrow minded and anti-permissive. Not fond of Edward at all. British accent. A small amount of physical comedy required.

Monique (20s-30s) – Miss Paris. A gorgeous, chic French girl, who wants a "grande affaire" with Mr. London. Or whoever happens by. French accent.

Sylvana (20s-30s) – Miss Rome. A fiery Italian who is looking to marry Mr. London, and her brothers will take care of anyone who gets in her way. Italian accent.

Ingrid (20s-30s) – Miss West Berlin. Tall, muscular, beautiful in a Germanic way. Her helpful manner conceals her true motives. German accent. Needs to know how to roller skate.

**Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.** 

Headshots and resumes are accepted but are not required. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the theatre at 702-362-7996 or email us at

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