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The winners of the Best of Fringe encore for the 2023 Vegas Fringe Festival are

Las Vegas Little Theatre's "(Abridged) Lives of the Saints"


Footlight Productions' "The Duck Variations"!

Best of Fringe Dates

Friday June 23 & Saturday June 24, 2023

8pm: (Abridged) Lives of the Saints

9pm: The Duck Variations


$20 General Admission

Both shows will perform in one evening with a 10 minute intermission between shows. Admission is for both shows. Seating is very limited, advanced ticket purchase is recommended.   

Las Vegas Little Theatre is thrilled to present the 2023 Vegas Fringe Festival, to be held June 9 - 18, 2023. The two weekend Festival of Live Theatre will feature an exciting buffet of new and established plays and performances of no more than sixty minutes each, performed multiple times throughout the festival.


The festival will be held at the Las Vegas Little Theatre’s facility at 3920 Schiff Drive near the corner of Spring Mountain and Valley View with performances in the Fischer Black Box Theatre.

Ticketing Information

Single Ticket - $20

All seating is general admission.

It's About Time

Cardio Spider presents 

It’s About Time by Cardio Spider


It's about time... for a sketch show from Cardio Spider! Since revealing they were a cult in their last sketch show Cult Fiction, Vegas sketch/improv team Cardio Spider has gotten even weirder. Four years of hoarding toilet paper, sniffing hand sanitizer, and furiously writing comedy material has come to fruition this summer with their newest sketch revue, It's About Time at Las Vegas Fringe Festival 2023. Come see their madness laid bare in a show about insect prejudice, A.I., true crime, 70s disco, the positive side of the post-apocalypse, and more. You might even witness the miracle of time travel! 

Show Times:

  • 06/09 @ 6:45pm

  • 06/10 @ 8:00pm

  • 06/11 @ 1pm

  • 06/16 @ 8:15pm

  • 06/17 @ 1:00pm

Run Time: 60 minutes

LVLT_0098 - FRINGE IG 1200x1200 v00.jpg

Florrie Productions presents

Iphigenia in Orem by Neil Labute


A monologue that details how a Utah businessman, in a Las Vegas motel room, confesses an especially chilling crime to a complete stranger.

Show Times: 

  • 06/10 @ 7:20pm

  • 06/11 @ 3:45pm

  • 06/11 @ 7:50pm

  • 06/17 @ 5:20pm

  • 06/18 @ 6:20pm


Run Time: 35 minutes

The Duck Variations

Footlights Productions presents

The Duck Variations by David Mamet

The Duck Variations presents two older gentlemen, Emil and George, in 14 variations, talking about ducks - at least, ducks as they relate to our passages through life. As the two sit on a park bench watching ducks in the lake, they discuss leadership roles, conflict among different groups, sex, friendship and love, and, finally, death. The audience senses that Emil and George are not able to discuss these things openly, so they use the metaphor of the ducks to express their fears about aging and death.

Show Times:

  • 06/10 @ 6pm

  • 06/11 @ 6:30pm

  • 06/16 @ 7pm

  • 06/17 @ 4pm

  • 06/18 @ 5pm

Run Time: 50 minutes


KFT Productions presents

Woof! Oink! Oink! Oink! by Kate Labahn

Inspired by the original story about the big bad wolf and the three little pigs, this new short play has a few new twists: Once upon a time in the Forest of Grimm, two unlikely friends Hati the wolf and Bur the pig band together to stop the two other pigs: Soldon and Richie from distributing and spreading unhealthy "straw" and "sticks" to the powerful denizens of Grimm Woods.


Show Times:

  • 06/10 @ 4:30pm

  • 06/11 @ 5pm

  • 06/17 @ 2:30pm

  • 06/18 @ 12:45pm

  • 06/18 @ 3:30pm

Run Time: 60 minutes

LVLT_0098 - FRINGE IG 1200x1200 v00 (1).jpg

Las Vegas Little Theatre presents

(Abridged) Lives of the Saints by David Ives

Hysterical playwright David Ives wittingly winds three tales, starting Biblically with BABEL’S IN ARMS where two men struggle building the Tower of Babel, then moves to Chicago with LIVES OF THE SAINTS where two women struggle constructing a funeral breakfast, and finishes the night with a British inspector struggling to find the murderer amongst three dinner guests in THE MYSTERY OF TWICKNAM VICARAGE.

Show Times:

  • 06/09 @ 8:15pm

  • 06/10 @ 1:30pm

  • 06/17 @ 7:45pm

  • 06/18 @ 7:30pm

Run Time: 60 minutes


The Speeding Theatre presents

Man Under Her Bed by Agnes Wolf

A recently escaped convict sneaks into the home of an independent, strong willed elderley lady and she dresses him up as her cousin Millie. When friends and neighbors come over for her birthday party, he gets roped into not only passing as a lady but having to babysit the children of the State Trooper who lives next door! Hilarity ensues!

Show Times:

  • 06/10 @ 3:10pm

  • 06/11 @ 2:30pm

  • 06/17 @ 6:30pm

  • 06/18 @ 2:15pm

Run Time: 45 minutes

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