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The Speeding Theatre-Over 55 Presents:
Jack Benny's Not 39 Anymore
by Marv Siegel
Live performances:
Friday, March 11 & 18 @ 7pm
Saturday, March 12 & 19 @ 2pm
Saturday, March 12 & 19 @ 7pm and
Sunday, March 13 & 20 @ 2pm

A running gag on the Jack Benny Show was about celebrating his perpetual 39th Birthday. Like Jack Benny, Norman insists that he's as young as he feels. Retirement remorse leads him to hatch one cockamamy business scheme after another. His loving wife, Edna, is threatened when she discovers that their new neighbor, Rosemary, had a romance with Norman years ago. She also fears Rosemary's son becoming a match for her daughter, and tries everything in her power to keep both pairs apart. Hilarity ensues!!!

All Seats $20.

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