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Open Auditions

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LVLT announces open auditions for “Laughter on the 23rd Floor” by Neil Simon

Directed by Gillen Brey

Disclaimer: LVLT does NOT pay - We are an entirely volunteer organization!


Audition Dates: In-person auditions will take place on Monday, August 21 & Tuesday, August 22 at 7pm.
Rehearsals will begin right away with performances October 20 – Nov 5, 2023.

Location: Las Vegas Little Theatre 3920 Schiff Dr. Las Vegas, NV, 89103

Performance Dates: October 20 – Nov 5, 2023 with performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm, and one Saturday Matinee on October 28 at 2pm.

Show Description: In 1953, the staff writers for "The Max Prince Show" are the best in the television business. But behind the scenes, they must contend with a network asking them to dumb down the show, the shadow of McCarthy's blacklisting, their clashing personalities, and most of all, their boss, the short-fused, neurotic, hilarious, and marginally insane Max Prince. Inspired by Neil Simon's own experiences working for Sid Caesar on "Your Show of Shows," Laughter on the 23rd Floor is a healthy mix of laughs, tears, laughs, wise-cracking, laughs, wall-punching, shoe defenestration, Marlon Brando impressions, and, of course, laughs.

All roles are available.


Lucas – The youngest and the newest member of the writing staff for “The Max Prince Show” – a live, hour and a half topical comedy show on NBC in 1953. Lucas is shy, yet ambitious, and wants to prove himself to the other writers, whom he greatly admires.

Milt – Considers himself to be “a wholesaler” while the other comedy writers are “Tiffany’s”. Milt is a flashy dresser who is cheating on his wife.

Val – The head writer. He emigrated from Russia when he was 12. “He still carries his accent” and is “the most politically aware of all of his writers.”

Brian – “He is Irish (accent not required) – a heavy smoker, a heavy cougher, and a heavy drinker, but with a biting sense of humor as caustic as his outlook on life.” He just sold a screenplay to MGM, and will be leaving the Max Prince Show to go to Hollywood.

Kenny – “Neatly dressed…He is surely the most sophisticated of the writers.”

Carol – Has “a strong and quick defense system that comes with being the only female staff writer on the staff.”

Ira – A hypochondriac, who is chronically late to work. “He is all energy with a touch of brilliant madness.” Ira has a grudge against fellow writer, Brian.

Max Prince – “Exudes great strength. His strength comes more from his anger than from his physique. He dominates a room with his personality. You must watch him because he’s like a truck you can’t get out of the way of. He is quixotic, changing quickly from warm, infectious laughter to sullen anger. He is often monosyllabic, offering a word or two to convey his thoughts.”

Helen – Has the displeasure of being Max's attractive secretary. Often helpful and immune to the daily acts of lunacy. Dreams of breaking into comedy, even if she doesn't have the knack for it. Requires tenacity and patience.

**Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.** 

Headshots and resumes are accepted but are not required. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the theatre at 702-362-7996 or email us at

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