by Will Eno
January 15 - 31, 2016

Middletown explores the universe of a small American town... As a friendship develops between longtime resident John Dodge and new arrival Mary Swanson, the lives of the inhabitants of Middletown intersect in strange and compelling ways. A powerful and poignant meditation on birth, death and points between.

Photography by Susannah Smitherman



Michael DelaRosa

Mrs. Swanson

Stacia Zinkevich

John Dodge

Thom Chrastka


Jake Taylor


Teresa Fullerton


Jessica Deihl

Kim Glover

Kyle Jones

Mike Kimball

Cathy Ostertag

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Production Staff


Ela Rose

Assistant Director

Aaron Oetting

Stage Manager

Karen Gibson

Deck Manager

Kendra Harris

Set Design

Ron Lindblom

Lighting Design

Ginny Adams

Costume Design

Kim Glover

Sound Design

Sandy Stein

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Wednesday 10AM-1PM

Friday 10AM-1PM

Saturday 9AM-12PM

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3920 Schiff Drive | 702-362-7996 | info@lvlt.org

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