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Scotland Road
by Jeffrey Hatcher
Part of the 2018 Vegas Fringe Festival
Presented by LVLT

In the last decade of the twentieth century, a beautiful young woman in nineteenth-century clothing is found floating on an iceberg in the middle of the North Atlantic. When rescued, she says only one word: Titanic. The woman is taken to an isolated spot where an expert on the sinking of the liner has arranged to interrogate her for six days. 

Performance Dates


John                                                                                Michael Blair

Halbrech                                                                   Teresa Fullerton

The Woman                                                              Naree Asherian

Frances Kittle                                                                 Ellen Radcliff

Production Staff

Director                                                                           Chris Davies

Stage Manager                                                       Morgan Johnson

Set Design                                                                       Chris Davies

Lighting Design                                                            Ginny Adams

Costume Design                                                    Candice Wynants

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