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LVLT announces Open Auditions for
"Six Degrees of Separation" by John Guare

Directed by Derek Livingston

Audition Dates and Times:
August 20 and 21 from 7pm-9pm

August 24 from 11am-2pm

Las Vegas Little Theatre 3920 Schiff Drive

All roles are available. 

PAUL:  African American male; early 20’s; charming; intelligent; capable of playing both European boarding school elite alum and sexy, inner-city, savvy youth; actor must be comfortable kissing another man

OUISA: 40’s/50’s; Upper East Side woman of elegance-without-pretentiousness, supportive, passionate, loving

FLAN: 40’s/50’s; Ouisa’s husband; fits in with upper-class society; charming and driven with hint of hustler/salesman underneath

GEOFFREY/DETECTIVE: 40’s and up; South African, elegant, quick witted; comes from money and shows in deportment. Actor will need to learn accent for role.  Considering both men and women for the role (if woman, name will not change; however, name of spouse will take on male name. Quality is more important than gender for this character).  This actor will also play the Detective.

(THE)HUSTLER: scrappy, sexy, fearless, young man.  Character is nude. (Actor may double as Rick, Ben, Doug, or Trent)

KITTY: 40’s/50’s; gregarious, a bit gossipy, likely hiding affair from husband, upper class New Yorker

LARKIN: 40’s/50’s; worrier, avoids bad news and confrontations — at all costs; married to Kitty

DR. FINE:  40’s/50’s; eager, to please; quick to distrust and accuse; tries to be a good guy

TESS: college aged; privileged; smart; investigative; fiery; Ouisa and Flan’s daughter

WOODY: college aged; privileged; petulant; self-focused

TRENT: awestruck and lovestruck, MIT undergraduate; slightly nebbish; forgiving (could double with Hustler). Actor kisses another man.

DOUG: college student; angry and bitter young man (in humorous way); lashes out; spoiled; hiding drug use?; Dr. Fine’s son (might double with Hustler or Rick)

BEN: college aged, sardonic and judgmental; Kitty and Larkin’s son (might double with Hustler or Rick)

RICK: 20’s; sweet, naïve, out-going, aspiring actor (working as waiter) from Utah; easily charmed. Actor must be comfortable kissing a man.

ELIZABETH: 20’s; outgoing, gregarious; spirited; cautious, aspiring actor (working as waiter) from Utah

DOORMAN/OFFICER:  Doorman is fighter, older (uses Negro even though it’s early 90’s), direct. Officer is no-nonsense and a bit put-upon cop’s cop.

(Original text implies that, other than Paul, all characters are white.  Director is excited to see actors of all races for roles other than Paul, Flan, Ouisa, Geoffrey, and Dr. Fine)

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Headshots and resumes are accepted but are not required.

Inspired by a true story, the play follows the trail of a young black con man, Paul, who insinuates himself into the lives of a wealthy New York couple, claiming he knows their kids at college. Paul tells them he is the son of actor Sidney Poitier, and that he has just been mugged and all his money is gone. Captivated by Paul's intelligence and his fascinating conversation (and the possibility of appearing in a new Sidney Poitier movie), they invite him to stay overnight…But in the morning the picture begins to change.

Performance Dates:

October 18 - November 3, 2019 with performances on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm. There is an additional Saturday matinee at 2pm on October 26.

*LVLT does NOT pay - We are an entirely volunteer organization!

Call 702-362-7996 for more information.

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