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The ABC's of LGBT at the Rainbow Valley B 'n' B
by Phil Darg
Winner of the 12th Annual New Works Competition
September 18 - October 15, 2020

A conservative pastor and his insecure wife arrive at a B ‘n’ B in Vermont in order to take in the “fall colors.” However, an early snowstorm strands them at the inn with its gay owners and a lesbian guest couple. Forced together for the weekend, the six openly express their vastly different opinions on LGBT issues while re-examining their own relationships – leading to humorous confrontations, shifting alliances, and finally, a degree of understanding between all members of the group.

A link to the online performance is provided upon purchasing the ticket. 


Rick Diemers                                                          Blake Boles

Whitney Diemers                                                   Kim Glover

Henry                                                                Kris Mayeshiro

Leslie                                                                     David Ament

Becky Vaughan                                     Shambrion Treadwell

Sophia                                                                 Maile Onsaga

Production Staff

Director                                                                 Chris Davies

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