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LVLT announces Open Auditions for
"The ABC's of LGBT at the Rainbow Valley B 'n' B" 
by Phil Darg
Winner of the 12th Annual New Works Competition

Directed by Chris Davies

Audition Deadline to submit form & video:

August 5th, 8pm PST

Please note, there will be NO in person auditions. 

All roles are available. 

RICK DIEMERS (male, 25-50) 

A soft-spoken, conservative pastor from rural Ohio. Rick is traditionally religious, but not overtly intolerant. More than anything, he is quiet and hesitant to deviate too far from the traditional.

WHITNEY DIEMERS (female, 25-50) 

Rick’s wife. She is a bit nervous, manic, and outspoken. She is at least somewhat insecure, and often uses religious ideology as a tool to deal with her fears and frustrations.

HENRY (male, 25-50) 

Co-owner of the Rainbow Valley Inn. He is a practical “salt of the earth” type who dresses in flannel, talks with a slight New England accent, and performs the daily chores at the inn, including chopping wood and fixing things.


LESLIE (male, 25-50) 

Co-owner of the Rainbow Valley Inn. Leslie is a very expressive and talkative gay male. He takes a strong interest in decorating and cooking. Leslie runs
the domestic aspects of the Rainbow Valley Inn and tolerates no criticisms of his sense of style – which is fabulous.

BECKY VAUGHAN (female, 25-50) 

A lesbian guest at the inn. She is curt, butch, and gruff – and has no qualms about speaking her mind. Even so, she is at least somewhat insecure in her relationship with Sophia.

SOPHIA (female, 25-50)

Another lesbian guest at the inn and the partner of Becky. She is feminine, gentle, and empathetic. She prefers to avoid confrontation by attempting to create interpersonal connections with people – even strangers.


A conservative pastor and his insecure wife arrive at a B ‘n’ B in Vermont in order to take in the “fall colors.” However, an early snowstorm strands them at the inn with its gay owners and a lesbian guest couple. Forced together for the weekend, the six openly express their vastly different opinions on LGBT issues while re-examining their own relationships – leading to humorous confrontations, shifting alliances, and finally, a degree of understanding between all members of the group.

Performance Dates:

Scheduled to be a streaming show Sep 18 - 27, 2020 with performances on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm.

Auditions will be by VIDEO SUBMISSION ONLY. 

Please perform a 1 minute contemporary comedic monologue. Memorized preferred, but if you need to read that's ok too.

Audition videos must be submitted via the online form no later than August 5th at 8pm Pacific time.  There may be callbacks or follow up interviews after August 5th as needed.  The target to cast the show is by August 9th. Please note, there will be NO in person auditions. 

Rehearsals will begin the week of August 9th either via video chat or in person, depending on the current situation with the virus.  

Please be sure to list all conflicts on the audition form.  

*LVLT does NOT pay - We are an entirely volunteer organization!

Call 702-362-7996 for more information.

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