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Open Auditions

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LVLT announces open auditions for The Lost Virginity Tour by Cricket Daniel

Winner of the 2023 New Works Competition

Directed by David Ament

Disclaimer: LVLT does NOT pay - We are an entirely volunteer organization!


Audition Dates: In-person auditions will take place on Monday, March 27 & Tuesday, March 28 at 7pm.

Rehearsals will begin right away with performances May 19 – 28, 2023. 

Location: Las Vegas Little Theatre 3920 Schiff Dr. Las Vegas, NV, 89103

Performance Dates: May 19 – 28, 2023 with performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm.

Show Description: When the four members of the Happy Trails Senior Resort Community Baking Club decide to take a road trip to the locations where they each lost their virginity, they discover that revisiting their past may very well affect their future.

All roles are available.

Viola: 60s or older

Divorcee (several times over) A mouthy hard-ass from New Jersey, she has a tough exterior, but cares for her friends deeply. Even when she gives them a hard time, it comes from a place of love. 

Kitty: 60s or older

Single, a sweet Southern belle. A bit of a drama queen, especially if she feels wronged (as she frequently does), but loyal to a fault. Southern accent required.

Rita: 60s or older

Married, a smart earthy type. The most grounded and practical of the group, she still has a sense of humor, even after 38 years of marriage.

Elaine: 60s or older

Widow, the oldest of the group. Motherly and wise, she is often called on to be the peacemaker when the ladies have a disagreement. 

This is a fully ensemble show, and all actors will be on stage for just about the entire play.

**Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.** 

Headshots and resumes are accepted but are not required. 

If you have any questions or concerns please call the theatre at 702-362-7996 or email us at 

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