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Open Auditions


LVLT is accepting video auditions for Thurgood by George Stevens, Jr.


Seeking 1 actor to play Thurgood Marshall.  Age range 40’s and up.  Seeking an actor with the ability to convey dry humor, a chatty demeanor, and a great lawyer’s oratory skills.  Physically able to embody a younger agile man through an older man dependent on a cane but still with determination in his steps. 

Please prepare the attached pages from the show and submit your video audition via the Google form link below. LVLT is a volunteer organization, there is no pay.  

NOTE - This show will be performed in person at LVLT with limited seating.  Audience is 25 feet from the stage.

We will be accepting submission starting immediately through January 22nd.

CLICK HERE for Audition Sides (PDF)

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