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Best of Fringe 2016

The winners of the Best of Fringe encore for the seventh annual Vegas Fringe Festival are

Poor Richard's Players' "Peppy Piper's Playpen" and "So I Killed a Few People.."!

Encore Dates

June 24 & 25, 2016 at 8PM in the Fischer Black Box


$15 General Admission

Las Vegas Little Theatre is thrilled to present the seventh annual Vegas Fringe Festival, to be held June 10 - 19, 2016. The two weekend Festival of Live Theatre will feature an exciting buffet of new and established plays and performances of no more than ninety minutes each, performed multiple times throughout the festival.


The festival will be held at the Las Vegas Little Theatre’s facility at 3920 Schiff Drive near the corner of Spring Mountain and Valley View with performances in both the Mainstage and Black Box Theatres.

Ticketing Information

Single Ticket - $12

Festival Pass to all 13 shows - $130

All seating is general admission.



Boom Chick-A-Wow Wow Presents: A Telethon to Save the Accordion by Timothy Simpson and Chris Jones


Remember all the great acts from Ed Sullivan? Remember the late night Variety Acts... Comic Jugglers; Comic Magicians; Funny Musicians;   Remember the gong show? Well this is kind of that except without the gong and with actual genuine talent. Variety Comic, Timothy Simpson, and Accordion Savant, Chris Jones throw a telethon to save the accordion... a blunt instrument for sure but teetering on extinction. You can’t miss here... you get acting; music; comedy & juggling... certainly one these will hit pay dirt!    

Everyone thinks they still see Elvis. These guys still think they see Lawrence Welk.

Show times:   Sat 6/11 @ 6:30p, Sun 6/12 @ 6:45p, Fri 6/17 @ 6:30p, Sat 6/18 @ 9:30p

Venue:  LVLT Mainstage

Bremmer Productions

The Proposal by John Bremmer

Tony and Paul are two young libertines who pride themselves on their flirtatious skills with young women that catch their eye.  Their efforts, however, prove more than inept, and almost fatal, when they encounter June, an astute book editor, in a New York subway station.

Show times:   Sat 6/11 @ 8:00p, Sun 6/12 @ 5:30p, Thu 6/16 @ 7:00p, Fri 6/17 @ 10:00p

Venue:  LVLT Mainstage

Endless Productions

The Wind in the Willows by James Moran (represented by Avalon Entertainment, UK) and Caroline Moran

Meet Badger, Ratty and Mole as they keep Toad out of trouble and save Toad Hall from the clutches of the stoats and weasels in this wonderfully inventive retelling of Kenneth Grahame’s classic by James Moran and Caroline Moran.

Show times:   Fri 6/10 @ 7:15p, Sat 6/11 @ 4:30p, Fri 6/17 @ 8:00p,

Sat 6/18 @ 2:15p

Venue:  LVLT Mainstage

First Friends First

Once Upon a Time in Clark County… by: Eric Angell, Philip Kotler, Brandy Little, Derek Shipman, Natalie Shipman

Once Upon a Time in Clark County… is a Chicago-style sketch and improv comedy show that takes the audience on a journey through a patchwork of character driven scenes, music, and improvisation that all coalesce into a story with a centralized theme: life in Clark County. Infused with truth and comedy on a bare stage with five cast members, Once Upon a Time in Clark County… creates a world that weaves current events, life struggles, and Vegas happenings in the style of Saturday Night Live.

Show times:   Sat 6/11 @ 2:30p, Sun 6/12 @ 2:00p, Sat 6/18 @ 7:30p, Sun 6/19 @ 2:00p

Venue:  LVLT Mainstage

FounDoor Theatre

The Fear Project by Members of FounDoor Theatre

A collection of scenes and monologues about fears.

Show times:   Fri 6/10 @ 9:15p, Thu 6/16 @ 9:45p, Sat 6/18 @ 4:15p, Sun 6/19 @ 4:00p

Venue:  LVLT Mainstage

L'Ament Productions

Redemption - a romantic comedy? by Dave Ebersole

Marco has taken a "leave of absence" from his job as Tito's hit man. His first assignment upon coming back is to kill Joey. But when his past comes back to haunt him, will he be able to do his job, or is it too soon? Will he find redemption, or will Joey be his undoing? Will he get his answers, or will he have to use the dreaded spoon? 

Show times:   Sat 6/11 @ 6:30p, Sun 6/12 @ 4:45p, Sat 6/18 @ 6:30p, Sun 6/19 @ 1:30p

Venue:  LVLT Black Box

Las Vegas Little Theatre

Juju Goes to Pahrump by Erica Griffin

There is a town between Sin City and Death Valley, between hope and desperation, where one Juju Jones embarks on a dark adventure through the lonely landscape of her heart. Stood up by an extraterrestrial at an RV park, and pestered by the ever-present front desk clerk, Henry "Hank" Crusoe, Juju faces danger and delusion like she’s never encountered before.

Show times:   Fri 6/10 @ 7:00p, Thu 6/16 @ 10:00p, Sat 6/18 @ 3:30p, Sun 6/19 @ 4:45p

Venue:  LVLT Black Box

Poor Richard's Players

So, I Killed A Few People…by Gary Rudoren and David Summers

Convicted serial killer, Archie Nunn performs his one-man show from death row.

Show times:   Sat 6/11 @ 10:00p, Sun 6/12 @ 1:30p, Thu 6/16 @ 8:30p, Sat 6/18 @ 8:15p

Venue:  LVLT Black Box

Poor Richard's Players

Peppy Piper’s Playpen by Happy Hour Improv

Peppy Piper stars in Peppy Piper's Playpen. She loves the kids who watch her show and does everything to deliver on and off camera, and teach the meaning of friendship.


Show times:   Sat 6/11 @ 9:15p, Sun 6/12 @ 4:00p, Thu 6/16 @ 8:15p, Sat 6/18 @ 6:00p

Venue:  LVLT Mainstage

Reel Good Girl Productions

Mouthy Bitch by Dennis Bush

Self-described interpersonal dynamics guru Kate Carden takes her audience on a hilarious and heartbreaking exploration of relationships and reality, seasoned with adult language and candid sexual references.  But, just when Kate is on the verge of clarity, an unexpected discovery changes everything.

Show times:   Sat 6/11 @ 8:15p, Sun 6/12 @ 6:30p, Fri 6/17 @ 9:45p, Sat 6/18 @ 9:45p

Venue:  LVLT Black Box

The Speeding Theatre

Second Chance by Elyse Nass

Rita and Evelyn are neighbors who share a 25-year friendship. Rita has asked Evelyn to come over and anxiously awaits her arrival. Rita asks a favor of Evelyn, after her “big reveal!” A thought provoking conversation ensues, as they explore the underlying theme that one is never too old to grow and one should not feel guilty when pursuing their dreams in spite of disapproval—thus allowing their second chance.

Show times:   Sat 6/11 @ 3:30p, Sun 6/12 @ 3:15p, Thu 6/16 @ 7:00p, Sat 6/18 @ 2:00p

Venue:  LVLT Black Box

Torn Kite Theatre Company / Olde English Productions

5th Planet by David Auburn

Two people meet and befriend each other while trying to pull personal significance and comfort from a vast and uncaring sky. On the scale of the universe, loneliness seems inevitable, but maybe magic is inevitable, too. In work and friendship, these characters seek to know anew, and knowledge depends on what the telescope can see.

Show times:   Fri 6/10 @ 10:00p, Sat 6/11 @ 2:00p, Fri 6/17 @ 8:15p, Sun 6/19 @ 3:15p

Venue:  LVLT Black Box

Vast Canvas

All Day, It's Tomorrow by Ernie Curcio

The monotony of selling stuffed reindeer from his couch has grown unbearable and Ansel Sage feels the pressure of " Doing something with himself". With the help of an Ex-Girlfriend's harsh love, a handful of sports bets, and phone call from a higher being, Ansel Sage's destiny comes into question.

Show times:   Fri 6/10 @ 8:30p, Sat 6/11 @ 5:00p, Fri 6/17 @ 6:45p,

Sat 6/18 @ 5:00p

Venue:  LVLT Black Box

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