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The winners of the Best of Fringe encore for the ninth annual Vegas Fringe Festival are

Found Door Theatre Productions' "Almost, Maine" and

Grey Envelope Theatre's "MUGSHOTS:  Two of Us Have Been To Jail"!

Encore Dates

Friday June 22 & Saturday June 23 at 8PM in the Fischer Black Box


$15 General Admission

Both shows will perform in one evening with a 10 minute intermission between shows. Admission is for both shows. Seating is very limited, advanced ticket purchase is recommended.   

Las Vegas Little Theatre is thrilled to present the ninth annual Vegas Fringe Festival, to be held June 8 - 17, 2018. The two weekend Festival of Live Theatre will feature an exciting buffet of new and established plays and performances of no more than ninety minutes each, performed multiple times throughout the festival.


The festival will be held at the Las Vegas Little Theatre’s facility at 3920 Schiff Drive near the corner of Spring Mountain and Valley View with performances in both the Mainstage and Black Box Theatres.

Ticketing Information

Single Ticket - $12

Festival Pass to all 11 shows - $110

All seating is general admission.

Download the Fringe Performance Schedule


Fringe Festival Passes are available in the box office.

AON Theatrical Productions, LLC

Imagine, the Rock Musical by Craig Escherich

During a time of lost innocence a young high school senior reflects on the past and future. A fun and crazy experience for all ages as we romp through the era of Feeli’n Groovy with a modern twist on some of the best songs ever written. Join us for a night of Imagination.

Show Times: 06/08 @ 9:00pm, 06/09 @ 1:30pm, 06/09 @ 9:30pm, 06/10 @ 2:00pm

Venue: Mainstage

Endless Productions

Love / Sick by John Cariani 

A darker cousin to Found Door's Production of Almost, Maine, featuring the same ensemble. LOVE/SICK is a collection of nine slightly twisted and completely hilarious short plays. Set on a Friday night in an alternate suburban reality, this 80-minute romp explores the pain and the joy that comes with being in love. Full of imperfect lovers and dreamers, LOVE/SICK is an unromantic comedy for the romantic in everyone. 

Show Times: 06/09 @ 5:30pm, 06/10 @ 8:00pm, 06/16 @ 4:00pm, 06/17 @ 5:00pm

Venue: Mainstage

Found Door Theatre Productions

Almost, Maine by John Cariani 

A lighter cousin to Endless Productions' Love/Sick, featuring the same ensemble. Welcome to Almost, Maine, it’s not quite a town, because its residents never got around to getting organized. So it almost doesn’t exist. One cold, clear, winter night, as the northern lights hover in the star-filled sky above, the residents of Almost, Maine, find themselves falling in and out of love in unexpected and hilarious ways. Knees are bruised. Hearts are broken. But the bruises heal, and the hearts mend—almost—in this delightful midwinter night’s dream.

Show Times: 06/09 @ 7:30pm, 06/10 @ 6:00pm, 06/15 @ 9:30pm, 06/16 @ 2:00pm

Venue: Mainstage

Grey Envelope Theatre

MUGSHOTS:  Two of Us Have Been To Jail by Brenna Folger, Brandy Little, Eric Angell, Tommy Todd, Kim Faubel, Phil Kotler, Beau Dobney 

A sketch comedy show that celebrates our humanity. We have all heard those comforting clichés before; “We all make mistakes.” “Nobody is perfect.” “You’re gonna end up in jail...” The GET invites you to be a part of an entirely original and interactive comedy show that proves we are all humans and capable of making mistakes, some of which have landed some of us in jail. This is your opportunity to judge us, and we hope you do. Watch, laugh, listen, and guess which of us have ended up behind bars - there’s even a prize if you get it right!

Show Times: 06/09 @ 7:45pm, 06/10 @ 6:15pm, 06/15 @ 9:15pm, 06/16 @ 7:15pm, 06/17 @ 4:45pm

Venue: Black Box

KFT Productions

Phin by Kate Labahn 

Phin is a modern day twist on the classic story of Pinocchio.  A father and child learn about friendship and forgiveness through escapes and rescues all by the wood of Phin's nose in this tale with a whale.

Show Times: 06/09 @ 3:30pm, 06/10 @ 4:00pm, 06/16 @ 6:00pm, 06/17 @ 3:00pm

Venue: Mainstage

Las Vegas Little Theatre

Scotland Road by Jeffrey Hatcher 

In the last decade of the twentieth century, a beautiful young woman in nineteenth-century clothing is found floating on an iceberg in the middle of the North Atlantic. When rescued, she says only one word: Titanic. The woman is taken to an isolated spot where an expert on the sinking of the liner has arranged to interrogate her for six days. 

Show Times: 06/08 @ 7:30pm, 06/09 @ 5:45pm, 06/10 @ 7:45pm, 06/14 @ 7:00pm, 06/16 @ 3:45pm

Venue: Black Box

M-WIL Productions of Las Vegas

Time Capsule by Matt Martello 

Roughly 20 years after graduation, a group of unlikely former classmates of Lockport High School are invited back to school to open an old Time Capsule, and experience a cavalcade of emotion. From childhood to regretfulhood, audiences can relate as the characters wait anxiously to open up their old Time Capsule. But while awaiting the fond memories, they discover themselves opening up through recollections of high-school-days past.

Show Times: 06/09 @ 2:45pm, 06/10 @ 2:00pm, 06/14 @ 9:00pm, 06/16 @ 8:45pm, 06/17 @ 2:00pm

Venue: Black Box

Olde English Productions

Kizzy in a Tizzy by Erica Griffin 

Kizzy believes she's found a solution to cure the illness tearing apart her relationship with her long-term girlfriend Gable, and it involves an unsuspecting sandwich delivery boy named Jimmy Johnny.

*This production contains adult material & brief nudity and is for mature audiences only.

Show Times: 06/08 @ 9:30pm, 06/09 @ 4:15pm, 06/10 @ 4:45pm, 06/15 @ 7:45pm, 06/16 @ 5:45pm

Venue: Black Box

The Speeding Theatre

Any Body for Tea? by C. B. Gilford 

Detective Dennis O’Finn, investigating the death of an elderly lady, discovers that he, himself, is the motive for murder. Six sweet, but balmy, ladies are all in love with their bachelor neighbor, the handsome fortyish O’Finn. To lure him to visit, they stage a homicide. 

Show Times: 06/10 @ 3:30pm, 06/15 @ 6:30pm, 06/16 @ 2:30pm, 06/17 @ 3:30pm

Venue: Black Box

Thujone's Theatre Tribe

La Reina Mab by D. Marcelino Menendez Pelayo & Brandon Oliver Jones 

Todos conocen como termina la historia de Romeo y Julieta, ¿pero que pasa después? En esta interpretación de la obra clásica de Shakespeare, descubrimos que desde la ultratumba Romeo y Julieta ven pasar sus vidas con la intervención de la malvada Reina Mab y su equipo de átomos. 

¿Acaso los enamorados se volverán a encontrar en el Cielo? ¿O se perderán eternamente en la tragedia que fue su romance? (Esta obra se interpreta en español sin subtítulos).

Show Times: 06/14 @ 7:15pm, 06/15 @ 6:45pm, 06/16 @ 8:00pm, 06/17 @ 1:30pm

Venue: Mainstage

Torn Kite Theatre Company

The Lullaby Lady by Josh Sigal 

A World Premier play from Torn Kite Theatre Company’s Artistic Director, Josh Sigal, The Lullaby Lady is the story of one woman’s path to self-discovery. Samantha Green seemingly has it all; yet, she is a woman shrouded in mystery, even to those closest to her. Only through fully confronting her troubled past, can she move forward with the life she desperately wants to lead. Equal parts touching, hilarious, and harrowing, this complex new work is sure to be thought provoking.

Show Times: 06/08 @ 7:45pm, 06/14 @ 8:45pm, 06/15 @ 8:15pm, 06/16 @ 9:30pm

Venue: Mainstage

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