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LVLT FALL Season 2021

The Explorers Club by Nell Benjamin September 10-26, 2021

London, 1879. The prestigious Explorers Club is in crisis: their acting president wants to admit a woman, and their bartender is terrible. True, this female candidate is brilliant, beautiful, and has discovered a legendary Lost City, but the decision to let in a woman could shake the very foundation of the British Empire, and how do you make such a decision without a decent drink? Grab your safety goggles for some very mad science involving deadly cobras, irate Irishmen and the occasional airship.

Biloxi Blues by Neil Simon October 8-24, 2021

In the second installment of Neil Simon's autobiographical Brighton Beach trilogy, Eugene Jerome (a fictionalized version of Simon) goes into basic training to serve in World War II, finding romance and developing his writing talents by observing the diverse group of men he serves with — and the strange sergeant he serves under. 


Exploring themes of individuality, military discipline, and the mindset of young draftees as they prepare to be deployed to World War II, "Biloxi Blues" was highly praised for its deft mix of comedy with serious issues. It won the Tony Award for Best Play and was nominated for the Drama Desk Award. 

Dino, Judy, Frank & Babs A Tribute November 6 – 21, 2021

Starring Jay Joseph & Joy Demain in a musical tribute to the greats singing all of your favorites!  This production features a live band onstage. Produced in association with Jade Productions.

Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol by Tom Mula December 3-19, 2021

An interesting twist on the classic Dicken's tale told from the perspective of Scrooge's business partner Jacob Marley.   This fun and innovative production is sure to put you in the holiday spirit. 

All Seats $30. 

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